We are currently closed due to Covid19. When we receive further instruction of available opening times, we will update!

We are open for takeaway, collection & delivery options available, click the link for info https://www.brogans.ie/takeaway-menu.html#/where


‘Welcome to Loft Burger can I take your order please!’

​Scroll down for a look at the menu, please note this menu is subject to change.

Be Aware - The kitchen closes at 8pm sharp, people arriving after 8pm will not be able to order food, therefore not be able to consume alcoholic beverages! 

Brogan's brand new pop up restaurant Loft Burger will be running for as long as we are not able to provide Live Music shows in Bakers loft due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

What's good about Loft Burger you ask? Well…
The Burgers
The Wings
The Burgers again
It's in a Loft
It is a 2m socially distanced area, therefore there is not the 1hour 45min time restriction for your table

Loft Burger is NOT bookable on our Openable Application only through DM on Facebook or Instagram or email us. We send a link for a table deposit of 20€ to secure the table that is then refunded off your bill on the night.

We hope to see you soon in Loft Burger, the home of the Loft Burger!